Who we are?

Created in 2004, the Youth’s Forum of Belo Horizonte and its Metropolitan Region is an articulation of groups, movements, organizations and autonomous activists who develop activities with youth or/and are integrated by young people of Belo Horizonte and Metropolitan Region. We achieve mobilization, education, communication and political advocacy actions, related to the defense and guarantee of the youth rights and with the construction of inclusive and democratic youth public policies. Since 2012, fighting the violence against young people is our main guideline.


We act through a network, basing our activities on several experiences, people’s and organizations availabilities which are part of the Forum. We bet on engagement, on collaborative work and on the horizontality.

Decision-making instances

Management Group: it’s open to the participation of activists and group’s representatives which are part of Forum. It’s the main space of deliberation about our political positions and our activities.

Executive Secretary: it’s a permanent team, responsible for the accomplishment of the decisions made within Management Group.


  1. To carry out the political advocacy in the formulation, accomplishment and evaluation of youth public policy, especially within Belo Horizonte and its Metropolitan Region;
  2. To promote people´s and organization’s political qualification, mainly for the members of our network. We want this people to get aware of the youth condition and the background of the youth public policies in Brazil. We also want to promote exchanges between the organizations, movements and the young people who integrate it.
  3. To mobilize the civil society for the youth issues, in order to encourage and support national and local articulations;
  4. To empower and defend youngster’s autonomy through mobilization and educational actions;
  5. To set up interlocution with the government and contribute to the advancement related to youth rights in national, regional and local levels.

The Forum welcomes people, organizations and youth movements which agree with those principles above.


For doubts, suggestions and other informations, write us: forumdasjuventudes@gmail.com.

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